Anatolians in Armenia: 89th Session of EYP

Anatolians in Armenia: 89th Session of EYP

In December 2018, Anatolia students Georgios Axarlis and Katerina Voutsa were selected out of 120 participants as two of the seven representatives from Greece in the 89th International Session of the European Youth Parliament, held from March 9 th – 17 th in Yerevan, Armenia. Under the session’s theme “Overcoming Global Challenges-Together,” Yerevan 2019 brought together more than 350 students from over 40 countries. The session consisted of three main sections, namely Team Building, Committee Work, and General Assembly, as well as programs focused on cultural exchange, such as the EuroConcert, the EuroVillage and the Armenian Cultural Night. Participants exchanged ideas and debated solutions according to the standards of the European Parliament on issues ranging from cyber security and the need for affordable housing, to the shift to renewable energy sources and fake news. In the safe space that EYP offers, participants have the opportunity to try new things, to create life-long friendships, to explore their inner selves. At the end of the conference, the world was not the same as we had left it.

- Georgios Axarlis (‘20)

Congratulations to both George and Katerina for their exceptional performance, as well as to
their advisor, Ms. Effie Varakliotou.


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