The Afterschool English programs at Anatolia College are taught by seasoned professionals exclusively in English, through interactive and practical lessons. Classes are taught on the Anatolia Elementary School premises.

Find the program that best suits your English learning needs:

Bridge Program

An innovative English learning program for all children aged 4-15. It helps children develop both their linguistic as well as their social and creative skills.

Bilingual Program

This unique program nurtures full or emergent bilinguals to speak, read and write English fluently and correctly. It is designed to meet the needs of children who are exposed to English outside the classroom.

Link Program

The Link program is only available to Anatolia Elementary School students. The program is aimed at students who wish to have extra afterschool English lessons without leaving the school grounds and would like to improve their English and learn as much as possible.

Kindergarten Link Program

Afterschool English lessons for Kindergarten pupils attending Anatolia Elementary School.

B2-C2 Exam Classes

Preparatory classes especially designed for students interested in taking the B2 (Lower) or C2 (Proficiency) English language certification exams.


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