About us


The Kassandra Center for Educational Excellence aims to transform the educational landscape in Greece and the greater region by inspiring educators to innovate, research, teach and learn so as to advance educational equity and excellence for the benefit of the broader academic community.


The Kassandra Center for Educational Excellence aspires to become a reference point and resource for excellence in education at an institutional and regional level. It aims to empower educators to engage in innovative teaching strategies grounded in educational research and its emergent advancements which encompass both the academic and the socioemotional well-being of students.

Stemming from a strong sense of purpose that 21st century student needs should be met holistically, the Center will promote a culture of educational innovation, continuous professional growth, and academic excellence by:

  1. Exploring and implementing new teaching and learning approaches, programs, and resources aimed at preparing students to engage as confident global citizens.
  2. Facilitating innovation in teaching and scholarship through faculty development programs.
  3. Disseminating best practices to the broader educational community through research and collaboration with leading regional and global partners.