Contemporary trends in teaching Greek (i.e. Ancient Greek) abroad

Contemporary trends in teaching Greek (i.e. Ancient Greek) abroad

This workshop was provided by Dr. Andromache Karanika, Associate Professor of Classics at the University of California, Irvine, USA.

Greek (i.e. Ancient Greek) is taught in most universities abroad as a foreign language course, which still remains encompassed in the core program of humanities. During the workshop we focused on the challenges of teaching ancient Greek as well as on the most recent methods and strategies, which aim at developing cognitive skills, often in collaboration with centers of excellence and innovation (e.g. https://dtei.uci.edu). Participants became aware of how the Society for Classical Studies and other associations of classical philologists are energetically involved in a meaningful dialogue on the future and the perspectives of teaching classical languages ​​(and studies). Greek language is taught as a channel of civilization, while emphasis is placed on cultivating cognitive skills which can enrich the learning experiences in the contemporary world. 


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7th of September 2022, Flexible Learning Space, Eleftheriades Library, Anatolia College, 3-hour workshop