The Anatolia College Bridge & Bilingual Programs have a reputation of delivering high quality education in English as a Second Language (ESL) using coherent and comprehensive content designed to promote students’ confidence and proficiency in all areas of English.

Students are explicitly taught English language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in an all-English environment and are encouraged to work in...

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Having fun while learning is a much-needed structure in courses and (I can assure you) BBL program does its best at maintaining its classes fun through in-class interactive activities. What I enjoy the most about this course is speaking solely in English throughout the lesson, as it has helped me improve my speaking skills, develop fluency and has made me feel confident and not needing to rely on translation from my native language. Being able to practice the English language freely has served as one of the most significant aspects of this course. It is worth noting that even in the case of online education, our teacher made sure the lessons remained interesting, kept a close eye to our exam results process while also making adjustments to the lesson to fit the class’ needs.

Dimitris Econimidis, Level 9


This program is absolutely incredible. The kids grow, develop, engage and above all, love English! Fantastic! Thank you for everything!

Emily Bakola


I cannot believe that almost 7 years have passed! The Anatolia BBL program has given me so many beautiful memories of the singular friendships I made and of my amazing teachers who made the lessons interesting and filled me with knowledge.

Anastasia-Danae Barberi


I have been learning something new in every lesson for the past 4 years; that's what I like about the BBL program.

Theodoros Anastasiou


After several years of attending the BBL Anatolia program, these memories will be etched on my mind forever: the pleasant atmosphere, the kind and friendly teachers and the children who always make me have a great time! I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of it all.

Anthimi Oikonomou


I have been learning English with this program for several years, which has helped me enormously.

Manos Giannakakis



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