Vision & Values

Our core purpose is underlined by the following values:


Respect. We show respect for each other, the environment and ourselves.

Excellence. We are ready to learn, do our best, be actively engaged, share ideas, seek support and welcome feedback in order to excel.

Support. We work together, we stand by each other and we are committed to each other’s wellbeing.

Positivity. We demonstrate resilience when faced with challenge and we strive to inspire and draw out the best in each other.

Equity. We honor and respect the unique qualities of each individual in our school community, we believe in equal access and inclusivity and we will ensure that all members of our community are supported.

Collaboration. We engage with our academic community, families and teammates alike. We build and maintain genuine and authentic relationships.

Tolerance. We respect the individuality of each person and value diversity; we promote a culture which allows all to flourish through mutual respect.



Anatolia College Bridge & Bilingual Programs
Monday – Friday: 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Phone: 2310 398287
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