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The application period for the 2023-24 IB Diploma program is open from February 1st until May 5th, 2023. Applications submitted after the deadline will be examined only if there are places available. Students who apply for the IB program are normally interviewed by the IB Director and may be asked to sit a diagnostic / placement exam in English and Mathematics. Enrolment in the IB program at Anatolia depends upon the applicant retaining a final year-10 average not lower than the one shown at the time of application. Please visit our IBDP Regulations & Policies link for information regarding the school's Admissions Policy.

To register your interest in IBDP you can use the embedded form on our main page www.anatolia.edu.gr/ibdp.

How to complete the IBDP application form

The deadline for the submission of applications to the IB is May 5th, 2023. Should you have any questions, please call us at 2310 398296.

Applications for the 2023-24 school year open February 1st:


  1. Navigate to the parent portal link above (at https://parent.anatolia.edu.gr) using one of the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari (the application does not work with MS Internet Explorer and MS Edge browsers)
  2. Sign in using the Sign in option entering your account information

> If you have already an Anatolia account, please provide your account details. If you do not remember your password, click on Forgot My Password and set the email where you will receive an email with instructions.
> If you do not have an Anatolia account, click the Create an account link on the homepage to set some details for the account to be created. After setting the details, you will receive an email with instructions about setting the password. Once you have set the system password, you can log in to the application as described in the point above.
Please note: The account must be created using a parent's email, not by the prospective student.

  1. After you successfully sign in, select APPLICATIONS from the top application menu.
  2. In the new page, click the New application button, and on the new page with the available applications, click the (+) icon at the centre or at the bottom right of the application with title IB Enrollment Application, and then follow the steps.
  3. In the first step of the application, select your child from the list for which you want to apply for an IB program, if he/she is already a student in Anatolia. In that case, the application details will be automatically filled in from the back office application. If the candidate is not already an Anatolia student, you need to specify the details of the candidate as requested in the application.
  4. Navigate to the next step either by clicking the Next button at the bottom of each page or simply by clicking the left side of the page in the next step. At each step of the application, all the required fields of the application must be completed in order to move to the next step, otherwise you cannot move to the next step.
  5. After completing the application, you can save it by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page in the last step, and before submitting the necessary supporting documents. After you save the application, you can edit or submit it permanently by pressing the Submit button at the bottom of the page in step 5 or by pressing the corresponding button at the left of the page with the various step.
  6. In step 5 with the Attachments, you have to upload all the required supporting documents, either at the same time or in a different time, but always by pressing each time the Save button in order to save your changes.
  7. Saved applications will appear at the home page when you press the APPLICATIONS button in the main top application menu. To edit or view an application, simply tap in the central frame of the application, then a new page will appear with all the details of the application either in edit mode (temporary saved) or in preview mode (finally submitted).
  8. After the IB application is finally submitted, the second part of the application is automatically created, in order for you to select the subjects you wish to enrol in, according to the program regulations. To save the subjects, click the Save button from the Subject Registration form.
  9. Once you have completed the Subejct Registration, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page, so that the application process is completed.

For more information

Mrs. Anna Petmeza
IBDP Director
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555 35 Pylea, Thessaloniki
Tel.: +30 2310 398200
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