Why the Anatolia & Pinewood IBDP

As core values, Anatolia and Pinewood aspire to cultivate in our students the intrinsic drive and essential qualities required to evolve into principled and responsible global citizens. Moreover, our shared mission is to nurture them as active, critical thinkers, and open-minded lifelong learners.

Founded in 1886, Anatolia has long been considered one of the most distinguished educational institutions in Greece. Simultaneously, Pinewood, established in 1950, has successfully served the international community in northern Greece for three-quarters of a century. Authorized to offer the IBDP since 1997 and 1999, respectively, each school has extensive experience in IBDP program delivery, expert support for academic and university counseling, and current initiatives to promote student wellbeing. 

Our Shared Vision

At the heart of our collaboration is the shared commitment to fostering an academically challenging international learning environment through one unified IB Diploma Program for students, faculty, and administration spanning Grades 11-12. This represents a milestone in educational innovation, bringing together the rich legacies and diverse strengths of both schools. By combining the resources and expertise into the Anatolia-Pinewood IBDP, we have created a unique academic ecosystem that creates a number of advantages for students.

Distinct Advantages

International Composition: The Anatolia-Pinewood IBDP enriches the student body with a mosaic of cultures and prepares students for success in an interconnected, global world. 

Separate SL and HL Classes

Recognizing the importance of personalized attention, our schedule is built around separate Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) classes in numerous subjects. This approach allows for tailored instruction to address the specific needs of each level.

Expanded Subject Offerings

In our unified program, a broader range of subjects is offered, providing students with additional course options to align with their academic interests. This also includes more secure offerings for traditionally low enrollment courses. 

Small Class Sizes

A maximum of 15 students per class ensures that appropriate teaching and learning strategies can be effectively developed. 

In addition to the advantages of our unified IBDP, we maintain excellence through the educational characteristics for which Anatolia and Pinewood have always been known.

Enduring Excellence


The school’s scholarship program (approx $100,000 for DP students) ensures that worthy Greek and international students, regardless of financial circumstance, may enroll in the Anatolia & Pinewood IBDP, either as day students or in our long-standing boarding school. 

Highly Qualified Faculty

IBDP faculty, Greek and international, have substantial IBDP teaching experience within the program. Through regular participation in IB workshops, each faculty member is dedicated to staying current with educational research. Many faculty members serve as IB external examiners or in various capacities, including some who have earned university awards for outstanding teaching.

Expert University Advising for a diverse range of destinations

Anatolia & Pinewood university advisors guide students to connect the dots between their academic interests and extracurricular profile, finding common ground between each student’s personal purpose and vision. Their methods are strategic, enabling students to independently identify which institutions are a good fit for them academically, personally and financially. The advisors maintain a student-centered advising approach, instilling a confidence in students to make the best decisions for their futures. The school’s placement lists, including the financial aid awarded to Anatolia & Pinewood graduates demonstrates the expertise and success of the advising process.

Exceptional Campus Facilities

Situated on a picturesque 45-acre campus, stunning natural surroundings are enjoyed in all directions. The campus features state-of-the-art facilities designed specifically for the IBDP, a student residence hall, two modern libraries, well-equipped science and computing laboratories, two theatres, communal spaces for dining and socializing, and a multi use gymnasium.

Extracurricular Program

Our extracurricular program allows Anatolia-Pinewood IBDP students to make new friends, become members of the Anatolia-Pinewood community, and discover or develop their talents through an impressive range of activities. 

​The Anatolia-Pinewood IBDP represents a shared vision and commitment to providing a transformative educational experience​ for our students.​ Join us in shaping the next generation of principled, responsible global citizens and lifelong learners. 



60 John Kennedy Avenue
555 35 Pylea, Thessaloniki
Tel.: +30 2310 398200
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