IBDP Scholarships

How can I apply for a scholarship for the IBDP?

When submitting their IBDP application for enrolment to the program, students can also express their intention of applying for a scholarship by choosing the category in which they wish to be considered and by providing, if necessary, any additional documents.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Anatolia does not make any kind of discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, nationality, age or any kind of special needs; neither in its academic policies nor in its admissions procedures and the financial aid and scholarship programs it provides.

All students that have attained grade “A” in an international school or an average of 18.5 in the 3rd form of Gymnasium (junior high/9th grade), 18.1 and above in the first trimester in the 1st form of Lykeion (high school/10th grade) have the right to participate in the scholarship exams. There may be some additional criteria regarding financial income, depending on the category they wish to be considered within.

What does the IBDP scholarship exam procedure involve?

The procedure involves an initial stage comprised of a written exam in both English and Mathematics. Those who achieve the best scores proceed to an interview with the Scholarship Committee. After the completion of this second stage, the Committee decides upon and announces the scholarships awarded, taking into consideration:

  • The student’s grades in the 3rd form of Gymnasium (junior high/9th grade) and the 1st form of Lykeion (high school/10th grade).
  • The student’s scores in the IBDP scholarship exams.
  • The student’s interests, motivation and other traits of her/his personality as portrayed during the interview.
  • Financial criteria (for scholarships of 25% and above).

Students who succeed in the above mentioned stages, as well as their guardians, are asked to accept or turn down the scholarship within a few days after the announcement of the results.

The procedure is the same for all categories of scholarships.

What kinds of scholarships do we offer?

Two kinds of scholarships are offered:

a) Scholarships that cover from 25% up to 100% of the annual tuition fees of the Program and are dependent upon both financial and academic criteria. More specifically:

  • Students with an annual family income that does not exceed a total of 20, 000 euros may be awarded a scholarship that covers 100% of the tuition fees.
  • Students with an annual family income that does not exceed a total of 30,000 euros may be awarded a scholarship up to 75% of the tuition fees.

The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to visit the place of residence of candidates applying for a scholarship from 75% up to 100%.

  • Students with an annual family income that does not exceed a total of 50,000 euros may be awarded a scholarship from 25% up to 50% of the tuition fees.

Those who are interested in applying for scholarship under this category must submit to the IB Secretary, along with the necessary entrance-application documents, the following:

  • Copies of the “Ekatharistiko” (receipt of tax declarations submitted) issued by the Ministry of Finance for the tax declarations of the past two years, as well as a copy of the most recent property declaration (E9).
  • A letter from the parent/guardian of the candidate justifying the family’s financial situation and difficulties in covering the tuition fees and stating the amount of scholarship needed to allow the student’s attendance on the IB program.

b) Scholarships that cover the amount of 10% of the annual tuition fees of the Program and are not based on any financial need. These scholarships are considered to be recognition of the student’s academic achievement and abilities. Those who are interested in being considered for this award should simply state it on their entrance application to the Program. They do not need to submit any further documents.

When do I have to apply?

Candidates must submit the necessary documents along with their application for enrolment to the program before the deadline.

What is the duration of the scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded initially for one year. They are renewed at the end of the first academic year only if the student has maintained the required grade average (36/42) and the financial status of the family has not changed.

When are the IBDP scholarship exams conducted?

The 2022 scholarship examination is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 7.

For more information you may contact the IBDP Office on tel: 2310 398296.



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