Tuition Payment Information

Please be informed that the financial services of Anatolia College (accounting and cashier's office) will not be available during the period 5-16 August 2024.

You can use the Tuition Calculator for detailed information regarding tuition fees.

The total annual cost of meals for students who reside in the dormitory amounts to €10,300.

Payment schedule

  • June (with the registration or re-enrollment application) deposit of the non-refundable guarantee or securing a place:
    > HS: 2,200€ / for new registration or re-enrollment
    IB: 3,500€ / for new registration or re-enrollment
    > Dormitory: 3,000€
  • September 15th:
    HS: 3,800€
    > IB: 5,000€
    > Dormitory: 3,650€
  • January 15th: payment or remaining balance

Payment options

1. Using an RF payment code for all banks

The unique 25-digit RF payment code for each student is sent by email during the registration / re-enrollment period and remains the same for the entire duration of the student's studies in one division (Middle-High School, IB).

Please note that for newly enrolled students, payment codes will become available when their registration is complete. The payment of the deposit-guarantee for securing a place can be made with one of the other available payment methods.

RF payment code guide

2. By deposit to one of the following bank accounts:

Bank  Account number ΙΒΑΝ SWIFT
ALPHA BANK 714 002 002 001 889 GR3101407140714002002001889 CRBAGRAA
EUROBANK 002 605 201 502 000 177 93 GR9602605200000150200017793 ERBKGRAA
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE 895 298 000 24 GR4301108950000089529800024 ETHNGRAA
PIRAEUS BANK 523 907 030 999 9 GR2601722390005239070309999 PIRBGRAA

Bank deposits must include the student's first and last name. Confirmation requires one to two business days. The deposit receipt should be kept as proof of the bank transfer.

3. By using a debit/credit card

Payments by debit or credit card are made at Anatolia's central cashier (Stephens Hall, tel. 2310 398 307) from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

4. With cash payment

Payments up to €500 can be made at Anatolia's central cashier (Stephens Hall). Transactions over €500 must be made through a bank or by using a debit/credit card (Law 3842/2010, par. 3, article 20).


  • A discount of 5% and 40% respectively is provided for the concurrent enrollment of a second/third child in the basic education levels of the "Anatolia" group.
  • A 4% discount is provided for the full payment of the total tuition fees before August 30, 2024.
  • The prepayment discount applies only to cases of full payment of tuition fees and it cannot be combined with any other form of scholarship or grant (except for honorary scholarships).
  • Receipts for tuition payments are sent to the e-mail address provided during the student’s  registration/re-enrollment.
  • In the case of registrations/transfers of students between Anatolia Elementary School or Anatolia High School and Pinewood American International School, the respective payment and discount policies of each School automatically apply.

For any additional information or clarification, please contact the financial services department of Anatolia High School (Stephens Hall, tel. 2310 398 219, 2310 398 245).



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