Why IBDP at Anatolia


The IB Diploma is a program suitable for those who have decided to continue their studies abroad i.e. in a European or a US university. It balances breadth of knowledge with specialization and equips students with the critical skills needed for success in higher education. It helps students develop their time management skills and their ability to critically analyze information, which are great assets later on at college.

The International Baccalaureate is a flexible program. Students select subjects from within six subject groups. They also select the level (Higher or Standard) at which they want to study each subject. This enables them to create a personalized program of studies based on their current interests and their objectives for the future.

Since the IB is a common worldwide curriculum, it enables internationally mobile students to transfer from one IB school to another with relative ease and a minimum loss of continuity.

Why IBDP at Anatolia?

An institution with a long standing tradition in education

Since its founding in 1886, the name of Anatolia has been synonymous with educational innovation and achievement. Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, Anatolia College is a private, non-profit, international learning community imbued with the best ideals of Greek and American education, and one of the very few institutions in the world today that offers education from pre-K all the way to graduate studies, through its various academic divisions.

The first school in Northern Greece to have received approval for an IB Diploma Programme

First introduced at Anatolia High School in 1997, the IBDP is open to students from all schools and nationalities.

An unparalleled campus 

Anatolia High School provides a supportive learning environment to the DP beyond expectations and has implemented a plan to ensure the ongoing updating of all the facilities allocated to the DP.*

Across Anatolia’s 50-acre campus of great natural beauty, one finds a residence hall for students wishing to stay on campus, a refectory, two modern libraries, science and computing laboratories, a Green Education Center, a Fabrication Lab, a music room, two theaters, a conference center, a multi-use gym and an open-air track & field court.

Counselling for post-secondary opportunities abroad

Anatolia High School has a system of counselling connected with local and international organizations that provides DP students with detailed support on post-secondary educational options.*

Read more about our US, UK and EU College Counselling offices.

Small classes that facilitate learning

Classes at Anatolia are kept small to facilitate a more individualized approach to teaching from its well-qualified faculty. Teachers have the chance to engage students in reflecting on how, what and why they are learning*

A faculty that is forward-thinking and constantly developing

The IB faculty at Anatolia is well skilled and qualified, taking full advantage of the use of a range of resources available on school campus, including information technologies*. Moreover, all members routinely attend international workshops offered by the IBO for professional development and syllabus review. 

See a full list of our faculty.

A program of studies tailored to students’ needs

The large variety of subjects offered at the DP level at Anatolia High School allows students to tailor their program of study to their particular strengths and interests. 

Read more about our curriculum and our available subjects.

A curriculum that extends well beyond the classroom

The IBDP curriculum at Anatolia High School is connected with educational and cultural excursions and activities, through which students have the possibility to enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

Our extensive CAS programme also ensures that students are exposed to opportunities to act in response to the needs of others* through the school’s “Service as Action” program, or discover and develop their talent through various extracurricular activities.

Successes all around the globe

Anatolia IBDP graduates have been accepted at top universities around the world, such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Northwestern, U.Penn and others in the U.S.A, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL (University College London), Imperial College, York, Bath, Warwick, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Great Britain, the Sorbonne in France, Bocconi and La Sapienza in Italy, University of Amsterdam and Groningen University in Holland as well as many others in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Canada and Australia. 

See a full list of our successful graduates.

Opportunities for all

Α comprehensive scholarship program ensures that worthy students may enroll at Anatolia, regardless of financial circumstance. 

Find out more about the scholarships available for students enrolling at the Anatolia High School IBDP.

*Please find a summary of all IBAEM commendations we received during our 2019 self-study report here.

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