Procurement of Enterprise Storage Expansion

Anatolia College plans to procure an Enterprise Storage expansion enclosure, to support the administrative and academic operations in the new datacenter.

Further Particulars

The purchase depends on the following: Enclosure expansion, Tier1 and/or Tier3 Disks, Warranty extension, Interconnectors and Cabling, Software, Licenses.

Publication Date:  09/02/2020

Time limit for requesting information: 28/02/2020

Time limit for receipt of proposals/bids: 28/02/2020


Series: DELL SC4020 compatible Enclosure Expansion

Operating System: SCOS

Tiering: At least Tier1 and Tier3.

Raw Capacity: At least 2TB in Tier1 and 8 TB in Tier3.

Warranty: 3 years with Pro Support with 24X7 technical support

For the request of more information, specification requirements, bid list, and further inquiries please contact Mr. Vasilis Karkampounas, IT Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..