Why give

Your support of Anatolia College will...

  • Provide funding so that students, regardless of their financial status, continue to have the opportunity
    to achieve their dreams through education.
  • Enhance and build a great educational institution that takes the best of the Greek educational model and combines it with the liberal-arts philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit of the American educational model to inspire Greek youth.
  • Create a human bridge between Greece and the United States that inspires Anatolia College students to think globally. This bridge aims to encourage students to expand their horizons, to believe that they can change the world. By doing so, they bring positive and impactful change to Greece.
  • Ensure that Anatolia College students have access to state-of-the-art technology to compete and excel in the global economy, by providing world-class facilities.
  • Be an investment in the future of Greece. Over the years, Anatolia College has faced many challenges; boldly rising to face and overcome these challenges has been a source of great national pride. The current challenges are daunting, but Anatolia College will continue to lead and succeed.


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