Endowed Scholarships

Anatolia College's identity and legacy is intricately connected to its commitment to providing talented but economically disadvantaged students with scholarship assistance. The Anatolia Scholarship Program provides donors with the opportunity to establish endowed “named” scholarships that provide funds into perpetuity. This named scholarship permanently memorializes a special person, an organization, a corporation, a place of origin and forever associates their name with education and a force that positively impacts the lives of talented students.

Anatolia College remains indebted to all donors who have been contributing to its Scholarship Endowment Fund. Thanks to their generosity over 1,000 students to attend Anatolia on a full tuition scholarship and over 500 students from all parts of Greece, have been able to attend on a full boarding scholarship since Anatolia established its first school in Thessaloniki in 1924.

Full Scholarships

Elie P. Aghnides Scholarship
Nicholas Aghnides Scholarship
Culolias Scholarship
Helen Pappas Crane & Thomas A Pappas Scholarship
Carl and Ruth Compton Scholarship
Demetri Scholarship Fund
George Horton Endowment Fund
Majorie Ireland Scholarship Fund
Kyrides Scholarship Fund
Stephen P. Ladas Scholarship
Anestis Logothetis Scholarship
Frank Nick Memorial Scholarship
Alexander Petrellis Perry Scholarship
Phanos-Antigone Raphael Scholarship Fund
Charles G. Sikaras
Stavros Niarchos Foundation CTY Endowment Fund
Dr. Dimitrios Tsamis
Winifred Weter Scholarship
Zannis Fund

Partial Scholarships

AIAA Scholarship Fund
Ralph G. Albrecht Scholarship
Michael Anagnos Schools Scholarship
Ann Arpajolu Scholarship
Arthur O. Ashjian Scholarship
Hagop & Victoria Bedrossian Memorial
Comprehensive Campaign Scholarship Fund
C.F. Child Trust
George A. and Norma R. Condos
Elizabeth Yaphantis Demeter Memorial Prize
Magdeline Dovas Scholarship
Avedis G. Eprikan
General Scholarship
Constatine Ghikas Scholarship
Isabelle Harley Scholarship Fund
G. B. King Estate
Amelia B. Leonard
Laura B. Loomis
Charles Manos Scholarship
William M. Marden
Margaritas Scholarship
William McGrew Scholarship
Minassian Scholarship
Warren Newton Memorial
Raiser Family Foundation
Nicholas Sillelides
Jack G. Stellas Memorial
Edward A. Strong
Dr. Cosmos J. Sukeris
Sarkis Telfeyan
Charles Chapin Tracy Memorial
Dr. & Mrs. George E. White
Mrs. Orrin H Witter

Scholarship Students’ Stories

Each scholarship tells a series of stories; stories about the student and family, the donor, the school, country and city and the connections between all of these people and places. But perhaps most importantly, each scholarship tells the story of a graduate and the impact he or she has made on Greece and the world. Tracing the educational and professional paths of Anatolia scholarship students uncovers stories of resilience, triumph, academic and professional greatness and progressive change

These two alumni represent the diversity of background, culture, perspective and profession found amongst Anatolia graduates. However, they share commonalities: strong desire—and the work ethic necessary—to effect change in Greece, the United States and the world; a commitment to academic and professional greatness and an ardent belief that the scholarship they received at Anatolia was the key to their current success.

Johana Zhera, Anatolia class of 2007 and a 2011 graduate of Smith College, is an investment banking analyst at Deutsche Bank. Zhera immigrated to Greece from Albania and was accepted to the middle school with a full scholarship. She lived in Anatolia’s dorm which she says “was a home for us [scholarship students]—a home full of people we loved and who loved us! Anatolia is not just an excellent school, it is a place that shapes your personality and way of life.” Zhera attributes much of her academic and professional success to her experience at Anatolia: “If Anatolia hadn’t opened its doors for me–an immigrant from a financially disadvantaged family—I would have never made it to Smith College with a full scholarship or become an investment banker.” Zhera also comments on the difference the quality of teaching at Anatolia makes: “Anna Petmeza, an economics professor in the IB program, was the first teacher who truly believed in me and pushed me to excel. She made economics come alive for me. I will never forget her—and all the Anatolia teachers like her—who are able to inspire and guide students during those critical years.”

Gikas A. Hardouvelis, Anatolia Class of 1974, has made a major impact on economic scholarship and policy in Greece and the United States. Former Minister of Finance for the Hellenic Republic and a professor in the Department of Banking & Financial Management at the University of Piraeus, he has held posts as: the Director of the Economic Office of the Greek Prime Minister, Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London, head of the Academic Council of the Hellenic Bank Association and Chief Group Economist at the National Bank of Greece. He has also held faculty positions at Barnard College, Columbia University and Rutgers University. In a recent interview, Hardouvelis commented on the Anatolia difference: “without Anatolia I wouldn't have gone to the States; I wouldn't have gone to Harvard; I wouldn't have the career that I now have. That much is clear.”

He also urges others to give to Anatolia, to fund scholarships like the one that supported his studies: “Your investment will produce results. You’ll be supporting the youth of Greece at a time when the country is facing great challenges and has a need for those willing to give.”