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We are made of knowledge.
We are made of openness, of future pioneers.
We are made of the people who will help build a brighter Greece: our students and alumni.

Anatolia College students and alumni are actively involved in our Campaign.

Anatolia's novel educational paradigm – a synthesis of innovation, excellence, accessibility and social responsibility - is already being implemented across its various divisions, along with the gradual upgrade of our infrastructure.

Through our Comprehensive Campaign, “Building a Brighter Greece one student at a time”, which we launched in 2016, we raise funds for critical areas, that will not only ensure the implementation of the school’s new educational paradigm, but will also transform Anatolia College for its next century.

Student Access

Endow scholarships for elementary, high school, and college students to respond to the increasing need created by the economic crisis.

Academic Excellence

Establish an endowed fund for faculty development to provide Anatolia teachers with new, innovative learning opportunities using the latest in technology.

Campus Enhancements

We have designed a series of educational spaces that promote free and creative thinking, teamwork, innovation and interactive learning, so that each student may discover their own special talents and succeed in reaching their full potential.

The development of these new educational environment that we are presenting is paramount in order for this new learning paradigm to be implemented in the best possible way and to provide impetus to students, faculty, as well as to the entire Anatolia community.

The new Anatolia Elementary Learning Complex

Creation of a new, unified campus for Anatolia Elementary School, with modern facilities and infrastructure. The new, model educational ensemble will enhance children's creativity and communication, activating the search for knowledge from the first school years.(VIDEO)

The new Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center

VIRTUAL anna papageorgiou

(Click on the image above or here for a 3D virtual tour of the building)

The Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center represents a significant addition to our campus as a modern and environmentally friendly building dedicated to the learning of science. Located on the Gymnasium side of campus, the new Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center represents the type of necessary infrastructure improvements required by Anatolia to support its new learning paradigm.

The Center exemplifies the sensitivity to environmental impact and energy efficiencies achieved by the use of modern architectural planning with the incorporation of bioclimatic designs, renewable energies and the focus on zero emissions. This process of sustainability becomes a visible learning tool for teachers and students with the installation of a digital information system that measures real-time energy production and consumption.

The attention to the environment and sustainable energy coupled with our focus on experiential learning, talent development, social responsibility and excellence represent the key components of Anatolia’s educational model. The Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center facilitates the employment of modern educational methods that create a holistic synthesis between pedagogy and environment. The purpose of the STEM program at Anatolia College is to develop student skills and competences as a driver of innovation and the cultivation of creativity and critical thinking.

Due to the pandemic, the new building currently hosts laboratories for Gymnasium students, housing the engineering and robotics programs. Our plan, however, is for the Center’s facilities to be used by all of Anatolia’s students, as well as service the needs of our Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Greece program. Anatolia will also benefit by vastly expanding its already flourishing STEM programs and support the collaboration with external organizations introducing yearlong programs to students of the wider community. Furthermore, Anatolia will further expand its positive impact and reach to the students of the greater community with the intent to expose them to new technologies and build an appreciation for the benefits of environmentally friendly architecture and energy sustainability through conversation.

Learn more about the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center

The new ACT Student Center

Construction of a multi-purpose Student Center at the American College of Thessaloniki to serve as the heart of ACT, to cultivate community spirit, and to amplify student success.

ACT Student Center 3

ACT Student Center 2


Anatolia College has always relied on the generosity of its supporters to achieve its mission. Your positivity and support for our new endeavor is extremely important to us. Together we make a difference!

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