Institutional Description

Since its founding in 1886, the name of Anatolia has been synonymous with educational innovation and achievement. Located in Thessaloniki, Greece since 1923, Anatolia College is a private, non-profit, international learning community imbued with the best ideals of Greek and American education. Today, Anatolia provides quality education to Greek, American, and Balkan youth and adults alike through its three academic divisions.

Its modern, well-equipped buildings sit on an expansive campus, where Anatolia provides high caliber instruction.

Here, Anatolia prepares its students to meet the highest standards in education, enabling them to continue their studies at superior institutions in Europe and North America, as well as at its own US-NECHE accredited and EU validated post-secondary division, ACT.

Anatolia provides students a strong foundation not only for the academic world but also for the professional world and beyond as one of the very few institutions in the world that provides education to young people from Pre-K through MBA. 

The institution has an elementary school (PreK-6), two middle and high schools, an IB program that prepares students for university study worldwide, and ACT, an institution of higher learning offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a variety of fields. In addition to these, in 2014 Anatolia College was chosen by the Johns Hopkins University to operate CTY Greece (Center for Talented Youth), with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation serving as its founding donor. 

Anatolia is home to over 2,150 students. All have access to a variety of extracurricular activities, which not only imbue a collaborative spirit but also embrace individualism, thereby acting as a platform for students to realize untapped talents and strengths.


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