Meet Rainbow

Rainbow first opened its doors in 1984. As a day camp with a fun new theme each year, it offers a unique, magical experience to children aged 4-12. The program, which revolves around its central theme, aspires to actively engage children in its various experiential learning activities like mechanics, robotix, science, sports, arts, cooking, dancing, music and theater.

The program mostly uses English as its basic language of communication and is designed so as to help children spend their summer holiday in the most creative way possible. The evergreen Anatolia campus becomes a field of exploration, activities and fun, giving the chance to all summer explorers to let their imagination run free.

Rainbow is staffed by excellent and experienced teachers, educators, coaches and fellows of Anatolia College, who stand out for both their knowledge and their love for children.

Rainbow 2019: Ice Age & Dinosaurs

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Can we really travel back to the ice age this summer?
At Rainbow 2019, we can make it happen!

This year's Anatolia Rainbow theme "Ice Age & Dinosaurs", transports children to a frozen land, tens of thousands of years before modern civilization, when the first humans lived alongside mammoths, dinosaurs and other creatures that have since been extinct. Together with the great dinosaurs, mammoths, tigers and sloths living back then, children will become scientists and explorers, while learning more about these wonderful creatures: They will create and analyze their own fossils and other findings like true paleontologists, and they will create their own prehistoric diorama, in an effort to comprehend how these creatures were able to live together with humans side-by-side.

Two and three weeks programs available:

  • 2 weeks program (June 17 - June 28, 2019)
  • 3 weeks program (June 17 - July 5, 2019)

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Watch our video from Rainbow 2018 below:

English at Rainbow

Children at Rainbow are invited to experience a new and amazing adventure each time. They will learn through fun and hands-on activities in the target language.

Through songs, games and interactive play we will introduce new concepts, vocabulary and language structures that promote meaningful communication. Moreover, children will be encouraged to use the target language as well as operational and every day expressions and words. These will be reinforced by the teachers and the staff members throughout the day.

While our themes provide a friendly learning environment and help keep the children engaged while learning new vocabulary specific to the context of each theme, the educational focus is based on grammatical structures and learning objectives specific to each age group.

Our aim is to help children immerse themselves into the English language, improve their speaking skills, become acquainted with the history of each era as well as build their team skills and improve social behavior habits. Our goal is for the campers to return home with broadened horizons and a newfound knowledge of English.


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