Impressive results at the 2019 Panhellenic Exams

Impressive results at the 2019 Panhellenic Exams

The students of Anatolia College scored high once again at this year's Panhellenic Exams, continuing our long tradition of excellence and high academic achievement. Among them a high number of students who had been studying on scholarship at the not-for-profit educational organization.

Out of the 125 Anatolia High School students participating in the 2019 Panhellenic Exams:

  • 35 scored more than 17,500 points
  • 18 scored more than 18,000 points
  • 7 excelled scoring more than 18,500 points
  • 3 students rose to the top of the rankings, scoring more than 19,000 points

Villy Anagnostou, 19,228 points (Humanities Orientation)
Agathi Nikolaidou, 19,174 points (Humanities Orientation)
Christos Tsirikas, 19.096 μόρια (Positive Sciences Orientation)
Gerasimos Terzopoulos, 18,843 points (Positive Sciences Orientation)
Niki Apsokardou, 18.643 points (Humanities Orientation)
Evangelos Axarloglou, 18,807 points (Positive Sciences Orientation)