Rainbow Activities

Rainbow Activities

Rainbow activities are split into three groups; Discovery, Creativity and Activity


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Young curious minds deserve all the help we can give them and where better than Anatolia with its collaboration with STEM, the international science and technology for young learners to find the best to bring out the little scientist in your child.

Using Robotix, computers, engineering and Anatolia’s science labs your young discoverers will see that the sky doesn’t have to be the limit!

At Rainbow 2019, kids will craft their own first tools of man and uncover fossils like true archaeologists. They will also learn how science helps us date our findings and understand how weather changes, while studying the animals and creatures that were living during the ice age. Discovery activities this year include Robotix, Science, Engineering and Excavation!


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Creativity is much more than painting and crafts, it is the key to imaginative and innovative problem solving. Rainbow has always understood that. The more creative campers will find everything they need over the Rainbow. Crafts, music and theatre will give your children the chance to express their artistic talent.

This year, kids will create their own fossils, dinosaurs and cave paintings. Alongside individual arts and crafts, they will also collaborate in creating a unique Dinosaur Diorama. Creativity this year includes Art and Drama.


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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or "η πολλή δουλειά τρώει τον αφέντη"… but not here!

Discoverers will still be kept active with plenty of time to run, play and make new friends. They will also have a chance to learn outdoor skills that foster team-building.

Who is up for the daily challenge to have fun and win prizes with their team?

At Ice Age & Dinosaurs, there will be a treasure hunt and lots of truly amazing American sports and games that will help kids work out while having fun. Activity includes Gym and Games!

A day at Rainbow

day at rainbow

Each morning around 8:30 the kids arrive on campus on one of Anatolia's buses or with parents, have breakfast and start their activities at 9:00, with the perfect mixture of Discovery, Creativity and Activity.

Mid-morning there is a short break for a healthy snack (like fruit) and some time to talk over plans for the tasks ahead, discover the hidden treasures of Anatolia's campus or just gossip with new friends.

Then back to building, discovering and creating.

After lunch, which is served between 13:15 to 14:15, there's one more activity, and then everyone gathers in their homeroom for some more fun, before they leave at 15:30.

Rainbow will be holding some weekend workshops and showcases, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Stay tuned for the relevant announcement!

Let's face it, your kids deserve it


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