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ACT for a reason

Whether you'd like to activate your full potential or make an impact on the market once you graduate, there's always a reason for you to study at ACT. Discover all the reasons that make ACT a top choice for undergraduate and graduate studies at www.act.edu. More

Build your own degree

In today's highly competitive job market, one specialty is not enough. That's why ACT, the tertiary division of Anatolia College, offers you the opportunity to build your own degree and create a strong resume that will stand out. Learn more about the majors and minors offered at ACT at act.edu/undergraduate. More

Embrace Change at ACT

We live in a time when everything is changing fast. ACT, the tertiary division of Anatolia College, does not teach you what will have changed by the time you graduate. It teaches you how to adapt to every change! See how on the ACT website. More