Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center & Innovation Isle

Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center

In September 2020, the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center was completed, with a donation from the Papageorgiou Foundation and funding from the USAID. Designed to emphasize its relationship to science, respect the environment and, at the same time, provide the tools required for a teaching based on the new Educational Example of the Anatolia College. It is located on the side of the Gymnasiums and houses the laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, a Creativity Hall of multiple uses and an open learning space.

All students have access to these areas to implement STEM activities. The vision of the STEM Education Center, through the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center, is to support and implement modern educational methods that promote a holistic pedagogical approach for the entire educational community.

Through collaborations with organizations and research organizations, the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center has a vision to enable students and educators from the wider community to become familiar with cutting-edge technologies and participate in innovative educational activities.

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Innovation Isle

Fabrication Lab 

The Fabrication Lab (Construction Laboratory) of Anatolia College is equipped with 3D Printers, a cutting and engraving machine (CNC) and tools for manual work. Fab Labs are based on the perception that the student learns through design and construction, with his/her own hands or with the help of a computer, to be totally aware of a cognitive subject that interests him/her personally. Thus our students pass successively from creative thinking and imagination to the design and construction of prototypes and objects and the implementation of their ideas.

Green Education Center

The "Green Education Center" is the first laboratory in Europe which is accommodated in a school and promotes the green approach by providing all the necessary equipment for students to build anything they can imagine. Green education plays a key role in raising students' awareness of environmental issues and shaping the right attitudes and behaviors that can contribute to a sustainable future.

The "Green Education Center" promotes environmental initiatives at school, giving students the opportunity to attend lectures on environmental issues (such as Green Chemistry) and to participate in weekend programs for them and for the whole family, summer programs, but also educational trips.