STEM at Anatolia College

The STEM Center coordinates 21st Century Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills-related activities in both primary and secondary education at Anatolia College.

Anatolia College has adopted the STEM approach both in-classroom, with exploratory learning-based modules, and out-of-classroom with clubs, after-school and weekend programs. We offer our students both the knowledge and the opportunity to apply it by cultivating skills that will enable them to succeed and adapt to an ever-changing environment.


With the aim of promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STE (A) M), ACSTAC is a pioneering educational initiative that invites students of all grades of High School and Lyceum of General Education in Greece and abroad to develop research skills, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, presenting their work as real researchers in a student scientific conference. Green education and the importance of linking the concept of sustainability and social responsibility with STE (A) M are now central. ACSTAC is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions, CERN, EPS (European Physical Society), the Aristotle University (AUTh) and the Union of Greek Physicists. The first four student conferences were attended by a total of 2,700 students from Greece and abroad, while in 2014 alone more than 1,000 students from Greece, Romania, Turkey, Moldova and India participated. The extensive program of the conference is complemented by workshops and lectures given by internationally renowned scientists.

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