Εικαστικές Τέχνες και Μαθήματα Επιλογής


Course Description Music functions as a means of personal and communal identity and expression, and embodies the social and cultural values of individuals and communities. This scenario invites exciting exploration… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Visual Arts

Course Description Students taking visual art often go on to study: Architecture, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Animation and Fine Art in Universities in the U.S.A, U.K.… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Theatre Arts

Course Description The Diploma Programme theatre course is designed to encourage students to examine theatre in its diversity of forms around the world. This may be achieved through a critical… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ


Course Description Film is both a powerful communication medium and an art form. The Diploma Programme film course aims to develop students’ skills so that they become adept in both… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ