Κοινωνικές και Aνθρωπιστικές Eπιστήμες

World Art & Cultures

Course Description World Cultures is an IB Diploma “School based syllabus”, standard level subject which requires a three-stage engagement by the student with a work of art or cultural phenomenon:… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Global Politics

Course Description The 21st century is characterized by rapid change and increasing interconnectedness, impacting individuals and societies in unprecedented ways and creating complex global political challenges. Global politics is an… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Business & Management

Course Description Business management is a rigorous and dynamic discipline in the individuals and societies subject group. The course places emphasis on decision-making in contemporary contexts of strategic uncertainty. It… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ


Course Description Psychology is defined as “the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes” and was established as a science at 1879, when Wilhelm Wundt created the first formal psychology… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ


Nature of the Subject Economics is a dynamic social science, forming part of group 3—individuals and societies. The study of economics is essentially about dealing with scarcity, resource allocation and… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ


Aims & Objectives The aims of the Diploma Programme History course are to promote: the acquisition and understanding of historical knowledge in breadth and in depth, from different cultures a… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ