The Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center at the EDUtech Europe 2023

The Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center at the EDUtech Europe 2023

The Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center, in collaboration with the EuropeAn network of STEAM Educators (EASE) was afforded the unique opportunity to showcase part of its projects at the prestigious EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference, hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The participation in this perfectly organized conference was over 2000 educators and entrepreneurs, exchanging pioneering ideas and initiating novel collaborations to advance education through technology integration. 

Dr. Iro Koliakou, STEM Coordinator at Anatolia College and Executive Board member of EASE coordinated the participation of Anatolia College at the conference and the presentations of the projects "We are Europe" and "STEAMing the Future" by George Rouvas and Andreas Kechagias, educators of Anatolia High School. The Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center is very active in the Erasmus field and runs many projects presented at the conference. Among them were:

WeAreEurope SD that aims to strengthen the tie between children and the European Union, focusing on the values of sustainable development, and supporting teachers around Europe to integrate green education principles in the STEM curriculum. The platform and game will include green- STEM activities -sustainable development education (green cities, renewable energy, monument restoration, etc.). 

SEGA (Shaping STEAM Education for Young Children through Gaming) that aims to develop a toolbox and a playful e-book for Teachers for STEAM in Preschool Education and Care (ECEC) (children from six to eight years old) with additional digital material by developing, testing and providing ECEC educators and teachers with a source on how to apply STEAM activities by promoting and cultivating 21st-century skills at ages K-2.

CThink that aims to create an unplugged board game that incorporates the competencies of CT in such a way that students acquire the competencies as they collaboratively engage in playing the board game. Another aim is to integrate the use of this board game in the very early stages of schooling, as this will help pave the way to a continued and improved integration of CT throughout the primary school years and beyond.

STEAMing the Future with the support of the Bodossakis Foundation aims to promote inclusion and diversity in the STEAM field by developing a multidimensional educational platform that combines online and in-person courses to inspire more young women to follow a STEAM career.

This initiative aligns with EASE's core objective: to support educators' and teachers' efforts in cultivating STEAM skills in the students. The engagement of our representatives with the conference attendees and the positive feedback received hold promise for forthcoming projects, revealing paths to trailblazing STEAM ventures.

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EASE Μιssion control lab workshop " https://missioncontrollab.com/




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