In DSAMUN Conference

In DSAMUN Conference

On October 18-20, fourteen Anatolia College High School students traveled to Athens to participate in the 2018 DSAMUN Conference. On the first day of the conference, Anatolia College delegates worked on their resolutions, exchanged ideas with other students and made new acquaintances. During the second day, we started our debates in the committees, fully engaged. On the final day, all debates in the committees finished, and the closing ceremony took place. During our free time, we explored Athens. We visited the Acropolis Museum and admired the ancient monuments and the beautiful architecture of the building. We also attended a very amusing theatrical production titled “Δείπνο Hλιθίων.” We had a great time!

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The chance to participate in the DSAMUN offered us many unforgettable moments. Throughout this experience, we gained many skills, such as working collaboratively with others, becoming more aware of our own strengths and areas for growth, and undertaking challenges that develop new strengths. We hope to relive such an experience. We thank our advisors, Mr. Andy Harrison and Ms. Eirini Gregoriadou, as without them, our experience wouldn't have been the same.

Written by Electra Papageorgiou and Mikaela Saridi, Anatolia College High Students

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