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Great Minds “Meet” Online for the 7th ACSTAC

One hundred and twenty students from 19 schools from all over Greece, under the guidance of 42 mentors, presented their work at the 7th Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference, which was held online on November 7th, 2020. The conference took place from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. with… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Anatolia Continues its Club Program despite Covid-19

Anatolia’s extra-curricular program demonstrated resilience and creativity “defeating” the Covid-19 pandemic. During the school’s lockdown, many of our advisors took the opportunity to meet with their club members online, and some even prepared them for online competitions. Many of our students jumped at the opportunity offered to them to engage… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Young Debaters Take On 3rd Virtual English Debate Tournament

During the 3rd virtual English Debate Tournament, organized by alum Lazaros Moyssiades, who teaches at the Intercultural Lykeion of Evosmos, four members of the Young Debaters club and two members of the English Debate club competed against 7 other teams from local schools. The Anatolia teams were the following: ASQUARED… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Στους ημιτελικούς της “Φιλικής Διαδικτυακής Συνάντησης Ρητορικής”

Στους ημιτελικούς της “Φιλικής Διαδικτυακής Συνάντησης Ρητορικής” κατάφερε να φτάσει η ομάδα του Κολλεγίου Ανατόλια αποτελούμενη από τους Γιώργο Αξαρλή, Ηλιάνα Αξαρλόγλου, Μαρία Δαουκοπούλου και Πέτρο Μπασάκη.  Ο συγκεκριμένος διαγωνισμός πραγματοποιήθηκε με κοινή πρωτοβουλία του Διαπολιτισμικού Λυκείου Ευόσμου και των Εκπαιδευτηρίων Σ. Αυγουλέα-Λιναρδάτου και ήταν ο πρώτος που πραγματοποιήθηκε ψηφιακά… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

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