3rd Place at the Panhellenic Forensics Tournament

3rd Place at the Panhellenic Forensics Tournament

Forty-two (42) talented and enthusiastic Anatolia High School students, who have been preparing rigorously since October 2023, took part in the highly competitive Panhellenic Forensics Tournament 2024, hosted by Mandoulidis Schools this year, on April 4-7. Because of their exceptional presence at the tournament and their hard work, Anatolia College ranked 3rd overall in the tournament among 20 schools. 

Congratulations to Alexia Sextou and Annie Zountsa for being Finalists in Original Oratory; Alexia also received the First Among Equals award; Danai Tsatsou was a Finalist in Group Discussion; and Lina Michaelidou and Zoe Tzika, as well as Konstantinos Gerothanasis and Anastasis Papanastasiou, for being finalists in Dramatic Duet Acting. Zoe and Lina were also recognized as First Among Equals. Congratulations also to all those who received honorable mentions in various events: Magda Tarasidou in Comic Oral Interpretation, Aris Tsinganos in Impromptu, Eva Dimitriadou and Konstantina Papatsa in Dramatic Duet; Dimos Chatziioannou and Theodora Kalaitzi, as well as Varvara Karakatsani and Aliki Proiou, both in Comic Duet. Finally, not ONE but BOTH of our debate teams made the break to the Quarter Finals after five preliminary rounds (Team 1: Alexia Sextou, Ermioni Gounopoulou, Anna Filindri, Aris Tsinganos and Nikos Efthymiadis; Team 2: George Mantis, Zoe Tzika, Theofilos Charalambides, Sergios Chatziavramidis, and Vasiliki Ilektra Koulountzou). Alexia ranked 9th in the Speaker Debate Tab. 

Panhellenic Forensics Tournament 2024 3rd place 1

Panhellenic Forensics Tournament 2024 3rd place 2

Panhellenic Forensics Tournament 2024 3rd place 5

These accomplishments were a huge success for Anatolia and a testament to the unwavering dedication of our coaches–Margarita Ziglina, Lambrini Koufaki, Olga Stefa, Helen Hondropoulos, Elizabeth Daron, Efi Siskos, Elena Bampali, Zoe Charalampous, Eleni Zika, Ioanna Lymbou, Angelos Klonaris, Vangelis Manitakis, Andrew Harrison, and Milan Miljkovic, as well many of our alums.

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