The 19th ACMUN Becomes the Biggest in Anatolia History

The 19th ACMUN Becomes the Biggest in Anatolia History

Between February 16th and 18th, 2024, Anatolia's campus hosted almost 600 participants and advisors, convening to address important global challenges, particularly the role of technology in our ever-evolving world. This year's ACMUN was the largest conference Anatolia College has ever had the pleasure of hosting, with 32 schools from all over the world, including schools from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Jordan, Poland, and Turkey. Delegates represented over 100 countries and NGOs across 12 committees, including the brand-new C40 Cities. 

The conference commenced with a welcome from Anatolia's president, Dr. Panagiotis Vlachos, and opening remarks from Lydia Douvleti, the President of the General Assembly.

ACMUN DR Panos Vlachos

This year, we had the pleasure of hosting two incredible keynote speakers, including Mr. Isaac Hansen-Joseph, the Economic Officer for the U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki, and Dr. Dimitrios Adamou, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow from the Department of Computing at the Imperial College London, both of whom discussed Artificial Intelligence and its applications.


ACMUN Isaak Hansen JosephJPG

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Over the next three days, delegates debated and passed resolutions on anything from pariah states and AI to private military contractors and the role of sustainability. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia oversaw the case on the destruction of Iranian oil platforms (the Islamic Republic of Iran vs. the United States of America), and the Historical Committee time traveled back to 1793 to navigate the French Revolution in the Committee of Public Safety (Robespierre vs. the Thermidorians). 

The Closing Ceremony was full of tears and laughs as we said goodbye to an irreplaceable senior class and friends, new and old. Congratulations to all Anatolia students who participated, especially the Best Delegates – Anna Zountsa, Danai Tsatsou, Eleni Tsavdaroglou, Vasiliki Avgeri, and Markos Saltiel –, best counsel Georgios Mantis, and the four students who received honorable mentions: Damianos Mitsis, Sofia Noli, Lida Aikaterinari, and Nicola Luciano Acquarone. A big thank you to our ACMUN Director, Pieter Derluyn, the Secretariat – Anna Filindri, Lydia Douvleti, Anastasios Vasileiadis, Georgios Ioakeim Boboridis, and Anastasia Georgiadou –, as well as the organizing team for putting together the biggest ACMUN in Anatolia history!

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