Student Life in English

Anatolia Debate Team at the Moraitis Cup

On January 18 th , Anatolia’s debate team ventured to Athens for the 10 th annual Moraitis Cup tournament, with four teams of two battling against 68 other teams from many Athenian schools. All four teams performed very well, but particular mention must go to Dimitra Ouzouni and Markella Xanthopoulou, who placed in… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

The 8th Annual Math and Logic Competition

There are ten black socks and ten white socks in a drawer. How many must you draw toensure you have a pair of a single color? In the 8 th Annual Math and Logic Competition,gymnasium and lykeion students contemplated these puzzles and more as they sought to applytheir mathematical prowess… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

Students Achieve Accolades at Greek Diplomats Tournament

Students from all over Greece participated in the 3rd  annual Panhellenic Model United Nations“Students as Diplomats,” that took place at Apostolos Pavlos this year. Seventeen Anatoliastudents attended the conference representing various countries and offering solutions todifficult issues, such as climate change, freedom of speech, human rights, and rights of peoplewith… ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ