Three silver medals for Anatolia College during the Aegean Tournament

Three silver medals for Anatolia College during the Aegean Tournament

The annual Aegean Tournament was a celebration in sportsmanship, with fifteen schools from four cities gathering in Thessaloniki to compete. In total, more than 700 students on 57 teams participated in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Athletes battled the cold weather to fight for first place with the passion and dedication of the players and their fans keeping spirits high. Anatolia had six teams compete across all sports, with the Girls’ Volleyball, Girls’ Soccer, and Track and Field teams each placing second in the finals. The Girls’ Volleyball and Girls’ Soccer teams both fought hard for the championship, with a tiebreak thriller for the former and a penalty heartbreak for the latter snatching the win in the last seconds. The Track and Field team’s gymnasium standouts comprised one of the youngest teams in the competition, so we look forward to seeing them win in the coming years! Anatolia Girls’ Volleyball superstar Stella Antypa won the Most Valuable Player Award. Overall, the tournament was a great success. Congratulations to all of the athletes, and a big thank you to the coaches and admin staff!

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