Concert at the Christmas Bazaar

Concert at the Christmas Bazaar

Always a highlight of the Anatolia Christmas Bazaar, the Christmas Concert showcases our students’ musical talent and brings Christmas cheer to the whole community. To begin, the Greek Dance Club, composed of gymnasium and lykeion students, started the show with traditional dances from all over Greece, such as a Mpalos Kefalonias, Tsirigotikos, and Syrtos Nisiotikos. They filled the stage with their excitement and poise in the biggest group of Greek dancers to date! Next, the elementary chorale entertained the crowd with their mix of Greek and English Christmas carols. As an Anatolia high school band began to play, they were interrupted by a flash mob of two Service as Action classes, led by Ms. Stefa and Ms. Trypani, who brought the elementary choir back onstage. The dozens of elementary, middle, and high school students sang together in a heartwarming display of Anatolia community spirit. Next, the mayor of Pylea-Chortiati, Mr. Kaitetzidis, joined us for the lighting of the tree, which ended in a fantastic fireworks display over Macedonia Hall. Finally, high school bands took the stage again, playing everything from Christmas carols to contemporary rock well into the evening.

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