The 14th Annual ACMUN

The 14th Annual ACMUN

From February 15-17, over 520 delegates and advisors from 26 schools gathered at Anatolia College to hone their diplomatic skills, enhance their global awareness, and develop solutions to some of the world’s greatest global issues at the 14th annual  Anatolia College Model United Nations. Delegations hailed from across Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates and represented 95 countries and 6 NGOs across 11 committees.

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The conference began with inspiring speeches from Dr. Panos Vlachos, Amy Carlon from the US Embassy in Athens, and Mr. Kostas Chrysogonos, who spoke on “Population trends and migration as a global challenge.” Over the next three days, delegates debated and passed resolutions on pertinent topics such as economic growth and income inequality, female genital mutilation, proxy wars, and the future of Syria after ISIS. The International Court of Justice ruled against nuclear arms proliferation in the case of The Marshall Islands vs. India/Pakistan. The Historical Committee relived the 13 th Politburo on the All-Union Communist Party, deciding on USSR leadership after Lenin’s death. On the final day of the conference, the General Assembly met to discuss economically and environmentally compatible legislation for the elimination of plastic.

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Overall, participants left the conference with not only enhanced leadership and debate skills, but also new friends and great memories. Congratulations to all Anatolia students who participated, especially the 7 students who won best delegate awards and the 6 students with honorable mentions. We especially want to thank ACMUN Director Mr. Derluyn, the Secretariat, and the organizing team, without whom this conference would not be possible.

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