Anatolia College at LEMUN 2019

Anatolia College at LEMUN 2019

Twelve Anatolia students participated in LEMUN, which took place at the Stedelijk Gymnasium of Leiden from 21 to 24 November 2019. The Anatolia College students represented Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam and debated on topical issues, such as foreign influences in national elections, the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage of religious minorities, intergenerational equity, the effects of transitioning towards a carbon-free economy on employment, industrial or domestic waste dumping in LEDCs and many more.

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Our students did a great job supporting their delegations in their committees despite the fact that they were 3rd formers and first-timers debating with very experienced delegates. Submitting and amending clauses, arguing and debating, writing resolutions became their main concerns for three consecutive days. The students’ excellent performance reflects the thorough research and serious work they had done prior to the conference, guided by their advisors Ms. Kostopoulou and Mr. Pantzarelas. They were escorted to the Netherlands by Ms. Konstantinou and Mr. Pantzarelas.

Congratulations to all who participated in LEMUN 2019!


Let’s see how are our students experienced their participation in LEMUN 2019

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-“I will always remember LEMUN for the people I met, the funny moments I experienced, and all the things I learned these 5 days.”

-“In the course of five days, I did what I hadn’t done in one whole year! I will never forget this experience, and I will only have positive memories. I learned so much, I met so many new people, and I had a wonderful time. If only it lasted longer . . .”

-I will never forget LEMUN—the people I met and the wonderful city. It was the first time I felt so many different things at once!”

-“It was only yesterday that we looked at the announcement board outside Ingle and saw the word LEMUN next to our names. That was the day this great journey began. Counting the days backward, talking incessantly about the conference, researching our topics vigorously, we set off for the Netherlands on Thursday, November 21st. The anxiety that had built up the previous days was immeasurable. The LEMUN conference cannot be described in so few words. What can one refer to first? The willing and energetic delegates, the hilarious chairs, the magical staff, or the picturesque city of Leiden? Through this experience of a lifetime, we made friendships that may last forever, and practiced supporting our own, but also contrary to our own, beliefs. Words are not enough to describe this amazing experience.”



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