Anatolia College at the top of local EUSO Competition

Anatolia College at the top of local EUSO Competition

EUSO is a multidisciplinary, integrated science, practical-based, 3-member team competition for European Union (EU) 4th and 5th form science students. After a rigorous selection process, which lasts a couple of months and involves conducting various experiments, one group from each lykeion was selected to represent Anatolia in the first stage of the competition held in Northern Greece under the supervision of EKFE (the union of Greek scientific centers).

This year, Anatolia participated in EUSO with three teams: one from the A’ Lykeion, one from the B’ Lykeion, and one from the IBDP. Congratulations to Stelios Theodorides, George Gkioulekas, and Anna Daskopoulou from the A’ Lykeion for ranking 1st in Physics. Congratulations also to Stelios Zatagias, Anna Tassou, Freda Gavra from the IB for ranking 3rd in Physics. A special thank you to their advisors: Mr. Papadimitriou, Mr. Goulis, and Mr. Bandis in Physics; Ms. Dara in Biology; and all faculty in the Chemistry department.