Our students qualified for the EYP Greek National Team

Our students qualified for the EYP Greek National Team

During the 40th National Selection Conference of the EYP Greece, Anatolia College participated with four delegates: Asterios-Dimitrios Kiskinis, John-Aggelos Karanasios, Dimitris Eleftheriades, and Fani Korpeti. This year's theme was “The Mosaic of Change: From Social Inertia to Active Participation”. After the 4-day session, John, Asterios, and Dimitris were selected among 120 participants as members of the Greek national team. Asterios, in particular, ranked in the top six, and will be traveling to Milan, Italy, from April 30th to May 10th, 2020, to represent Greece. 

Congratulations to all team members and to their advisor, Ms. Varakliotou!



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