Making Memories at the 17th ACMUN

Making Memories at the 17th ACMUN

From February 11th-13th, over 400 participants from 23 schools took part in the 17th Anatolia College Model United Nations. At Anatolia’s first hybrid MUN conference, Student Officers, Historical Committee members, journalists, and photographers participated in person, while all other delegates–including the 53 Anatolia delegates–convened through Zoom and our innovative MUN World digital platform. Delegates from across Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Poland met to tackle some of today’s most pressing global issues, hone their diplomatic skills, and enhance their awareness of global affairs. 

The conference kicked off with impressive speeches from Dr. Panos Vlachos as well as keynote speaker Dr. Yannis Assael, Anatolia alum, and Senior Research Scientist at Google DeepMind.

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Dr. Assael spoke about the role of “artificial intelligence and the future of our world through technology.” Over the following weekend, delegates addressed pressing topics such as cyber-warfare and the destabilization of democracies through disinformation, migration to the European Union, and formulating a common policy on asylum seekers, and pharmaceutical patent rights within times of crisis. The International Court of Justice oversaw the case of Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea (Romania v. Ukraine), and the Historical Committee navigated the course of the Korean War in 1950 including war crime frameworking, foreign intervention, and the final ceasefire. While delegates were debating, the press team was busy contributing to the digital MUN Times with play-by-play updates of committee events, disagreements, and resolutions. 

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Overall, ACMUN 2022 helped participants gain a newfound sense of leadership and diplomatic skills, and also led to new friendships and special memories. Congratulations to all Anatolia students who participated, especially best delegate awardees (Stefania Matthaiou, George Boboridis, Eteoklis Frydas, and Konstantinos Kariotis), best advocate Alexia Sextou, and honorable mentions (Paris Ioannou, Elisavet Makri, Lydia Douvleti, Anna Filindri, and Alexandra Proedrou-Psychopoulo). We especially want to thank ACMUN Director Mr. Derluyn, the Secretariat (Thaleia Antoniou, Melvin-Solomon Berkowitz, Anna-Natalia Tsiotska, Olga Mavromati, and Kornilia-Danai Galatsopoulou), as well as the organizing team for their time and effort to make the 17th ACMUN a success!



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