7th Greek Forensics Tournament: Anatolia Students Make Us Proud (Apr 1-3)
The Anatolia College Lykeion Debate Team

7th Greek Forensics Tournament: Anatolia Students Make Us Proud (Apr 1-3)

The 7th Greek Forensics online tournament, which hosted 41 schools from all over Greece and 320 students, from April 1st to April 3rd, was a huge success for the 29 Anatolia students who took part in four events: Impromptu Speaking, Oratory, Oral Interpretation of Literature and Debate. Congratulations to all students, and particularly to 

  • Chrysanthi Antonitsi for being a finalist in gymnasium Oratory; 
  • Paraskevi Michailou and Alexandra Proedrou-Psychopoulou for being finalists in gymnasium and lykeion Oral Interpretation of Literature respectively; and 
  • Vasiliki Avgeri, for receiving Honorable Mention in gymnasium Impromptu Speaking. 

And there’s more! Two of Anatolia’s gymnasium AND lykeion debate teams made it to the semifinals in Debate and some to the finals! 

  • In the gymnasium category, Andriana Solomonidou, Konstantinos Dimitrainas, and Emmanouil Filippidis beat a team from the American College of Greece-Pierce, while Maria-Konstantina Papadopoulou, Thanasis Lianas, and Athanasia Firinidou beat a team from Arsakeio Patras. Our two Anatolia teams faced each other in the finals, with Andriana, Konstantinos, and Emmanouil winning the FINALS debate. Andriana, Maria-Konstantina, Athanasia, Thanasis, Mary Perantoni, and Maria Saravelou also made it to the 10-top speakers’ list among 60 debaters.
  • In the lykeion category, the two Anatolia teams met in the semi-finals. Elisavet Lazaridou, Sofia Bozani, and Marilia Boutsi proceeded to the finals after facing Maria Kalpaki, Kalliopi Markou, and Elena Rapti. In the FINALS, Elisavet, Sofia and Marilia beat the team from the 1st Lykeion of Evosmos, bringing the lykeion debate cup home. Sofia and Marilia also made it to the 10-top speakers’ list among 95 debaters.

The Student Services Office would like to thank all the students and their coaches–Kleri Mitrouli, Alexia Seridou, Andy Spandou, Thaleia Konstantinou, Theano Demogeronta, Zoe Kotroni, and Katerina Lemousia– for making the Anatolia community proud, as well as all the volunteers, some of which did countless shifts timing the events, so that this tournament could run smoothly.

Greek Debate All Finalists 2

The finalists of the 7th Greek Forensics Tournament

Greek Debate Gym Debate teams

The Anatolia College Gymnasium Debate Team



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