Students, faculty, and staff members on a two-day trip to mount Olympus

Students, faculty, and staff members on a two-day trip to mount Olympus

The 2022-2023 academic year marked the long-awaited return of a cherished Anatolian tradition - the Mount Olympus hike for IB2 and 6th form students! On two separate weekends, September 17-18 and September 24-25, 121 seniors inaugurated their last year at Anatolia by hiking through rocky terrain and great altitudes to reach Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece and home to the mythological Greek gods. Joined by 17 faculty and staff members over the two weekends, the students loaded into buses Saturday morning and arrived at Prionia to embark on their journey. After three hours of strenuous climbing, the hikers caught up on much-needed rest at the Zolotas refuge. There, they ate a delicious dinner, watched the idyllic sunset, and enjoyed an evening of relaxation and camaraderie before continuing their climb in the morning. 

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Mount Olympus 2022 2Bright and early on Sunday, students and faculty ate breakfast and were off on the final leg of their hike: the ascent to Skolio. Although Skolio is not the highest summit of Mt. Olympus, it is still no easy feat! Three hours later, students and faculty finished the rather unforgiving exposed stretch of rock and pebbles to reach Skolio. Despite the challenging climb, they were rewarded with a magnificent view that made the uphill hike worthwhile. Before descending, students captured the moment and took plenty of pictures filled with memories. Overall, within 36 hours, students, faculty, and staff ascended and descended Mt. Olympus, returning to Anatolia, ready for another week on Monday! Thank you to all the staff, faculty, and guides who ensured the students’ safety, timeliness, and enjoyment! 

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