8th Greek Forensics Tournament

8th Greek Forensics Tournament

Twenty-five (25) Anatolia High School students participated in the 8th Greek Forensics Tournament, co-organized by Anatolia College and Ekpaideftiria Bakogianni on Feb 8-11, 2024, in Larisa. This event attracted 12 gymnasia and 15 lykeia from all over the country. The students competed in debate, oral interpretation of literature, impromptu speaking, and oratory against 268 of their peers from other schools. 

Congratulations to Maria Santinova, who came first among equals in the gymnasium oral interpretation of literature, and to Christina Tambouri, Christina Avgeri, and Konstantina Tsigdinou for receiving an Honorable Mention in impromptu speaking, oratory, and oral interpretation, respectively. 

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Special mention needs to be made to the two gymnasium debate teams–Nikoleta Kamperidou, Paraskevi Michailou, and Kyriaki Tsanktsidou–who reached the semifinals, and Zografia Paschali, Danai Bourazani, and Nina Arakelyan, who won the semis and moved on to the finals of the tournament, among 18 teams. Equally exceptional was the lykeion debate team–Maria Kalpaki, Alexandra Proedrou-Psychopoulou, and Andrianna Solomonidou–who reached the semifinals among 28 teams. 

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We want to congratulate the whole group for their exceptional ethos throughout the tournament. And, of course, none of their accomplishments would have been possible without the ongoing support and guidance of their tireless advisors, Alexia Seridou, Athina Thimi, Katerina Lemousia, Marios Moros, Maria Apostolidou, Vicky Karathodorou, Andy Spandou, and Kleri Mitrouli. 




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